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Since April 1, 2002, Singapore Product Standards Board renamed the Singapore Productivity and Standards Board, SPRING listed. With the Singapore Productivity and Standards Board in 2002 and regulations and the Consumer Protection (Safety Provisions) regulations 2002 The implementation Singapore Consumer Protection (Safety Provisions) Login program also has official certification from the third party to verify conformity assessment alone - (Conformity Assessment Body, CAB) certification. nformation Technology.
[Adver] Singapore Business Bureau, consumer goods -- out of the Notice of goods (CONTROLLED GO ODS) will be required to meet safety standards. Singapore consumer protection (security
specifications) registration program also required.

On the tube electrical products should be compulsory for PSB certification, products entering Singapore, Singapore must have the nationality of his company's tax line applications as PSB's holder (for the Singapore company, applications can be used as authentication PSB's holder). PSB made products, sales are not allowed to enter Singapore.
Certification units PSB (Productivity and Standard Board of Si ngapore). A. certificate holders to local companies in Singapore OK, no factory inspections and annual fees. B. validity of the certificate : three years.C. If Plug products, SS246 is required certification test report without d. Product Certification "series" of applications (each certificate can only cover a single Model
Singapore 230V/50Hz AC voltage of the two. Certificate holders are required locally registered on behalf of the company.
Certification : safety signs need to placed products

Documentation requirements : security testing

Valid for a period of three years CB certificates and test reports (in English only)
PSB Corporation, or by accredited testing laboratory, based on the standards issued by the Singapore All reports
By the Singapore laboratory recognized by the file system independent laboratory report issued

2. Additional documents

Singapore's representative data
Singapore security regulations for authorization letters (Singapore local representatives of the company letterheads)
if the certificate holder and the local Singapore on behalf of the company, CB certificate holders are required to produce their authorization letters
Complete circuit / road map (with rating), and parts (preferably A3 size)
English Manuals
Genuine meter or clearly visible as color
Color photos and internal appearance

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