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Swiss Electrotechnical Association (SEV), SEV About certification bodies


National Certification Body: Schwezerlscher Elektrotechnischer VEREIN (SEV)

- About our procedures and rules to provide written information to req (see attached page).
- CB test certificate submitted by foreign manufacturers, through application is made in China.
- Shall submit the following documents:
Application Form (req that is sent.
Give name and address of the application letter;
CB test certificate;
CB test report;
- When submitting a CB test certificate for the national recognition, it is usually not required to provide product samples.
- According to each specific situation, a decision by the Federal Ministry of public inspection
- We are ready recognition of CB Test Certificate and accessories, including our national differences in the test report.
- Just repeat the test less, we will give priority to processing applications have been submitted cB.
- Charges req is sent. Attached page outlines the fee structure and payment conditions.
- We recognized manufacturer of non-member 1 according to the procedure to obtain the CB test certificate.
- No factory inspection before certification.
- No post-plant supervision and inspection.
- Sample tracking test requires sampling. Sampling from the market, the costs of testing these samples charged to the applicant.
- Except do not meet the requirements or should the applicant's request for early cancellation, the certificate is valid for five years.
- A written complaint to the NCB can be directly sent to: Schwelgerlscher Elekttoteclnlischer Verein (sEV) Postfach,
CH-8034 ZURICH, SWITZer1and.
Mandatory certification of equipment, including:
- Protection components;
- Anti-shock components;
- Dangerous radiation equipment;
- Outdoor equipment;
- Test equipment;
- Medical electrical equipment;
- Make-up, sanitary apparatus;
- Hand-held apparatus;
- Contact with liquid portable appliances;
- And the public communication network connected devices;
- Civil defense equipment and utensils.
- Our logo also includes: IEc or CEE safety standards other than the following:
- Radio interference;
- Laser radiation protection;
- X-ray protection;
- Household and similar electrical appliances on the grid system to produce the disturbance;
- Other useful information, see attached.
Attached page
Swiss Electrotechnical Society for Testing and Measurement Laboratory information management program
To help customers understand our trials management and working procedures, especially the preparation of the following information, which aims to help
Reduce testing costs, saving test time.
1. Mailing address
2. Enquiries and contact
2.1 Test and measurement test of the Ministry of AVOE
- SEv, especially in testing and measurement laboratories Business:
- The application and test plan management;
- The test tasks to relevant departments;
- International CB and CCA test procedures;
Eleven voluntary safety signs, Switzerland;
Send an application form, a blank test report format and descriptive information;
- Test transmission (auxiliary contact: Department of Transportation).
2.2 Volume of check-current federal Department of the Ministry of MA
- For low-voltage electrical equipment Act (NEv) an overview of the data;
- To obtain evidence or to determine the need for mandatory certification;
- Temporary approval or authorization;
- Approved, authorized changes in the management of affairs, such as: recognition, license paternity Permit changes, the new design code, additional business
Standard, change of address, etc.;
- Work test, such as the consistency of the sample analysis, some of the test and inspection.
2.3 Test and Measurement Laboratory
- Technical matters;
- Application of the situation;
- The standard interpretation;
- In manufacturing plants, customers, place or tested by a third party;
- Foreign test.
2.4 Publications Department
- Low Voltage Electrical Equipment Act (NEv) in German, French, Italian and English version;
An SEV standards, including HD, EN and: EC standards;
A CB and CCA documents;
- Safety, quality assurance and other brochures.
2.5 Application Procedures
3.1 Processing of applications
Swiss or foreign companies or individuals may submit a written application, recommended by the Ministry of free applications for AvoR
Please form.
3.2 Address
Should be complete and correctly fill out the customer or licensee (approved or authorized) address.
Try products such as return address is not the same with the customer's address should be listed.
3.3 Accessories / supporting documents
Provide complete information, can simplify the application process, information such as: certificates and test reports, including foreign test
Room and test reports issued by a certificate, or recognized components of the sign test reports, technical manuals, drawings, complete
Chart, instructions, photographs, labels, key design information.

3.4 for recognition, scheduling, advance
Usually confirmed in writing applications and specific schedule for some cases, will require advance payment. Work
Progress of the arrangements, receipt of all supporting documents depends on the style, or the required documents is not delivered on time, or
Found that there were some problems and delays in payments (including prepayments), may lead to delays in the progress of work.
Then all the submitted documents should be marked on the specimen or we give the application number.
4. Sample
4.1 Sampling
In principle, mass-produced products from sampling, sampling should be done by AVOR department or the laboratory to complete.
Tests may be requested include additional components, including samples.
4.2 mark
Shall provide a sign or logo style sample sketch is required. Can be supplemented during the test to send the finalized logo.
Logo can be printed on any printing.
4.3 ship date
Small samples can be mailed together with the application form. Large sample, or by the Ministry AVoR separate safety-related laboratory
Row, or the date of shipment specified in the application.
4.4 Transport Documents
Including the exact details and description of the sample transport documents will greatly simplify the deployment of Department of Transportation's handling of the specimen from
Avoid unnecessary queries.
4.5 delivery of products from abroad
All delivered to my office equipment and documents do not have to pay (have taxes, tax-free), it is recommended by your in Switzerland
Representative or a transportation agency for transportation.
4.6 together with the samples submitted by other projects
Submitted along with samples of other projects should be set out in the waybill. Recommended that all items attached to the application
What inch
4.7 Risk:
Transport and test all of the risks should be borne by customers, test and measurement experiments are possible on the test
Damage, do not assume any responsibility.
4.8 sample return
Typically, the specimen in order to arrive at the same way I returned to the customer.
General, customers can receive a notification back to our sample, if the notice is not taken within a specified time
Away, the specimen will be automatically refunded to the customer, the cost borne by the customer.
5. Completed application
5.1 Test site
Typically, test and measurement laboratories to carry out the test.
By the test or measurement of the Department of the Ministry of verification, such as the necessary technical equipment, manufacturing plant or at the customer
Tested by a third party review.
5.2 Test schedule
Based on experience requirements and identify specific schedule. Progress also depends on the current work of any laboratory
Services and the estimated test time.
5.3 Report of test results
After the test, the customer will receive a description of the test results report or certificate.
5.4 Test report
Based on low-voltage electrical equipment Act (NEV), test and measurement test report can be used as high current installed capacity from the federal inspection
I get this approval or authorization of valid evidence. What should be the amount of testing and customer trials of the test report available free of charge
6. Endorsement, authorization
6.1 approval, authorization granted in
According to results presented certificates to pass federal inspection department of load-current low-voltage electrical equipment will be granted
Recognition of mandatory safety signs, safety signs or voluntary authorization.
Approval or authorization granted only to address the company or individuals in Switzerland.
6J mandatory testing "*
Low-voltage electrical equipment according to provisions of the Act, to the Swiss market and sell some of the low-voltage electrical equipment, must enter
Of mandatory accreditation, and be equipped with safety signs.
Voluntary testing
In addition to the mandatory approval of all other low-voltage electrical equipment, such as customer requirements, according to the test report (evidence) Pei
With a grant to a voluntary safety mark.
6.4 foreign customers
If the book holds sEV startled or international certificate (CCA, CB), by foreign importers of foreign companies to the federal high-current
Ministry of load application for approval or authorization check.
7. Cost
Unless otherwise agreed, to complete an application fee according to the speculation of all hours spent on the calculation. Federal grand power
Volume of flow needs to be charged Inspection Department approval or authorization fees.
The cost of mailing or shipping the sample, as an additional cost borne by the customer.
We are able to request non-binding cost estimate given.
---- CCA system information;
---- CB system information;
---- NEV (low-voltage electrical equipment Act) booklet
---- Application form.

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