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ST2002 update for the ST2012 primary


The new version of the Japanese toy safety standards ( ST2012 ) published in October 3rd, and will come into force in 2013 January.

Current versions of the ST2002 ( Eleventh Edition) is still valid at 2014 years 31 days during the transition period.

The new version of the first part ( mechanical and physical properties) to make changes. ST2012 the first part and the ISO8124 part is coordinated, but based on the first part did some revision. The second part ( flammable ) is fully consistent with the second part. And the third part ( chemical ) did not make any change: with ST2002 for the first edition of the same.


The following is the first part ( mechanical and physical properties of the main changes ):


The toy is added to the toy category list exempt from the standard: 2 or more seat swing, toys, model toys, chemical Hobby & craft toys toys final no major play value.

With the ISO8124-1 requirements of coordination, the following test requirements have been revised:

expansion material: consistent with the requirements of ISO8124-1

for children under years old toys: added a new ball, toy pacifier, balloons and pinball and other requirements, the new requirements and the requirements of ISO8124-1 agreement.

edge / tip: consistent with ISO8124-1 requirements.

potruding parts: consistent with ISO8124-1 requirements.

folding mechanism: consistent with ISO8124-1 requirements.

drive holes, gaps and accessibility of mechanisms : similar to ISO8124-1 requirements. The difference is, ISO8124-1 does not contain " riding toy chain or belt ".

spring: consistent with ISO8124-1 requirements.

support the weight of a child 's toy stability and overload: consistent with ISO8124-1 requirements.

children can enter the toy off pieces: consistent with ISO8124-1 requirements.

ejection toys: consistent with ISO8124-1 requirements. The difference is, increases the suction length requirements, and does not include the projectiles may not be small items requirements.

mouth actuated toys: consistent with ISO8124-1 requirements.

sound requirements: in accordance with ISO8124-1 requirements.

liquid filled toys: added a new liquid filled toys requirements, the requirements and ISO8124-1 requirements.

The following test requirements have been revised, consistent with EN71-1:

the rope and rubber band: requirements consistent with EN71-1:2011. Age group from the original 0-18 months to 0-36 months, add the chain, wire and other requirements.

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