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Not authorized translation of original document
Testing and Validation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH)
in the course of GS-Mark Certification
Based on the document ZEK 01-08 issued by the Central Experience Exchange Committee (ZEK) in connection with the German Accreditation Body for GS Mark issuing Bodies (ZLS) the following shows the translated document.
1. Aim Consumer products must comply with legal requirements to avoid health risks, e.g. Ё 30 & 31 of the LFBG, the Prohibition of Chemicals Act (ChemVerbotsV), and the ?4 of the GPSG (Equipment and Product Safety Act). With this document and the attached test procedure the requirement regarding PAH in products is substantiated. In addition, the test method is harmonized for the test institutes. The Board for Technical Work Equipment and Consumer Products (AtAV) has decided that the consideration of PAH for the GS certification of products has to be mandatory.
2. Basics The main reasons for PAH contamination in materials is the use of: - PAH contaminated softening oils in rubber and flexible (soft) plastics - PAH contaminated soot as a black pigment dye in rubber and plastics - PAH contaminated lacquers - naphthalene as preservative for transport and storage PAH contamination could be proven so far not only in rubber, but also in various plastic materials, such as ABS, PP and various lacquer / coating and in natural materials (preserving agent for bristle of brushes, leather, wood etc).
3. Requirements The limits for PAH that must be met for materials of consumer goods are stated in table 1. The test procedure must ensure at least a detection limit of 0.2 mg/kg for each of the PAH components. In the sum of all 16 PAH according to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) only those with a result over the 0.2 mg/kg shall be taken into account.



Category 1

Category 2

Category 3


Material in contact with foodstuff, or materials indented to be put in the mouth and toys for children aged < 36 months

Materials with foreseeable contact to skin for longer than 30 seconds (long-term skin contact) and toys not covered by category 1

Materials with foreseeable contact to skin up to 30 seconds (short term skin contact) or without skin contact.


Not detectable
(< 0.2)*



Sum 16 PAH (EPA) mg/kg

Not detectable
(< 0.2)*



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