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US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act 2008 (CPSIA)(H.R. 4040)

Sec. 101. Children’s products containing lead, lead paint rule
Lead in surface coating
16 CFR 1303 from 600 ppm to 90 ppm on 14 Aug. 2009.
Lead in substrate
600 ppm on 10 Feb 2009;
300 ppm on 14 August 2009;
100 ppm on 14 August 2011.
Sec. 108 Prohibition on sale of certain products containing specified phthalates
Beginning 180 days after the date of enactment (10 Feb 2009), it shall be unlawful for anyone to provide

1. Any children’s toy1 or child care article2 that contains concentrations of more than 0.1% of DEHP, DBP, BBP
2. Any children’s toy that can be placed in a child’s mouth3 or child care article that also contains concentration of more than 0.1% of DINP, DIDP, DnOP

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